Fanwood Grille’s Scratchmade Soup is Called Best in Jersey‬

The Daily Meal, a nationwide dining news website owned by mega-media company tronc, has crowned Fanwood Grille’s scratchamde soup the best in the state.‬
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‪The full list includes one establishment in all 50 states. For its ranking, The Daily Meal highlighted individual bowls of soup from restaurants, as well as soup shops that sell a variety of soups that change regularly.‬
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‪The Daily Meal noted that Fanwood Grille’s soup varieties change daily and are made fresh using only the best seasonal ingredients.‬
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‪Fanwood Grille opened in July of 2017, taking the place of the iconic Fanwood Corner Store.‬

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Fanwood Grille ‬
‪34 South Martine Avenue ‬

Photo courtesy Fanwood Grille on Facebook.