After A Quarter Century, Theresa’s Says Arrivederci to Westfield

Longstanding Theresa’s Restaurant will soon close its doors on Elm Street’s Restaurant Row in Downtown Westfield.

“This decision was not an easy one and along with it, comes much sadness and a heavy heart,” said owner Robert Scalera in a letter to customers shared by the Downtown Westfield Corporation.

The closure marks the end of an era for Downtown Westfield’s restaurant-heavy strip that clusters around the corner of Elm and Quimby Streets. At his peak, Scalera owned three of its restaurants: Theresa’s, Isabella’s and Mojave Grill. As his reign over Restaurant Row comes to a close, Scalera says he looks back on it with fond memories.

“I have met so many interesting and kind people who became regular patrons and participated along with me at school, charitable fundraisers, and community events. I am eternally grateful and will miss each and every one of you,” added Scalera.

Scalera noted that while Downtown Westfield has been a wonderful place to conduct business, difficult economic times and regulatory restrictions made it impossible to keep the doors open.

Photo courtesy BestfieldNJ