After Fire, Garwood’s Fusion D’lite Restaurant Hopes to Reopen Soon

A local favorite for Sushi is still looking to recoup from losses it suffered after a January fire. Fusion D’lite was closed indefinitely on Jan. 3 when a blaze tore through the small establishment on North Avenue loved for its Taco Tuesdays, stellar Sushi Pizzas and unique teas.

The restaurant’s owners say it’s been a hectic time as they work toward making a full comeback.

“We are currently still working things out, but we DO hope to reopen,” posted the Huang Family on Instagram. “Fusion D’lite is not just an Asian fusion spot, but a place filled with great memories with great people.”

“We really hope to be part of the community again. We miss everyone so much,” they added during a brief conversation with Westfield Area.

No one was injured in the fire. And adjoining buildings, including the iconic Garwood Lanes, were not damaged, according to the Garwood Fire Department.

Fusion D’lite opened in Garwood in 2012.

Photo courtesy Fusion D’lite.