Amazon Wants Clark Whole Foods Real Bad

The Area’s newest power couple is Whole Foods and Amazon. News of the impending mega-nuptials surprised shoppers across the U.S. and has many locally wondering what changes (if any) are in store at the popular organics chain as it is gobbled-up by the online behemoth.

This year, prices were already dropping at Whole Foods as it tries to fight off growing competition from traditional grocers and others (like Trader Joe’s) offering cheaper organic products.

Clark Whole Foods opened in 2015 to much fanfare and has many devotees willing to go the extra mile (or in some cases…many miles) to shop there.

“Call me crazy because I just drove an hour to get here from school, but whatcha gonna do? It’s well worth it,” posted Stephanie Y. on Instagram under a snap of the Clark location on Raritan Road.

Reports says the deal could cost Amazon more than $14 billion.

Photo courtesy @stephedpeppers on Instagram.