Bovella’s Bakery Cafe in Mountainside Has Milkshakes People!

“Oy vey, Holy Cow, Oh my god, Wow,” said one customer who lovingly photographed and posted her milkshake from Bovella’s Bakery Cafe in Mountainside.

And she’s not alone in her reaction to the heavenly concoctions. Local peeps have been wowed by the, not only photogenic, but, tasty shakes.

“It’s never too early,” said Bovella’s about getting a head start on milkshake season.

Bovella’s new Route 22 location opened in 2017. Besides the signature milkshakes, its new menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner… desserts too, of course.

Bovella’s Pastry Shoppe, the Cafe’s older sibling in Downtown Westfield, has been in operation for more than six decades.

Photo courtesy Bovella’s Bakery Cafe.