Charlie’s Famous Italian Dogs Have Gone Astray from Kenilworth…but, Still Close

Established in 1962, and a darling amongst Jersey foodies, Charlie’s Famous Italian Hot Dogs has moved-out of its longstanding Michigan Avenue storefront in Kenilworth. But, don’t worry too much, it’s still open nearby on Route 22 in Union (inside the strip mall by the Home Depot entrance).

The shop, known for its quintessential New Jersey-style hot dog, has merged with Cioffi’s Boardwalk (another nearby business on Route 22 in Union that formerly operated its own storefront at the location now occupied by the popular Halal Guys chain). Charlie’s and Cioffi’s officially got hitched in January and are now shacking-up at their new joint location at 2576 Route 22.

At their joint location, Charlie’s continues to brag about their 2010 Food Wars win on the Travel Channel over rival Italian Hot Dog peddler Jimmy Buff’s. Since then, Jimmy Buff’s has settled into digs on the Boulevard in Kenilworth.

More recently, the Garden State’s lovable explorers, Two Dopes from New Jersey, boasted on their growing (nearly 17k strong) Instagram channel last Spring that “it doesn’t get much more Jersey or better than Charlie’s Italian Hot Dog.”

Image courtesy @twodopesfromjersey Instagram account.