Chocolate Bar in Westfield Gets Sassy with Starbucks

The folks at the Chocolate Bar on Quimby Street in Downtown Westfield took a funny jab at their cross-town coffee rival Starbucks with a unicorn-styled concoction of their own, posting a photo on social media of a drink they whipped-up that looked a lot like the pricey coffee chain’s special, limited-edition Unicorn Frappuccino.

“We can do it too Starbucks,” sassed the Chocolate Bar, “but, I think we’ll stick to chocolate and quality coffee instead.”


Starbucks rolled out the sugar-ladened shake (that reportedly contained 76 grams of sugar) for just a week.

The Chocolate Bar also posted a knock-off (and healthier) version of Starbucks’ new Dragon Frappuccino.

“What’s next Starbucks? I love making small town versions of you big chain drinks,” added the fearless Chocolate Bar.

Photo above courtesy @chocolatebarwestfield on Instagram.