‘Closer’ Grocer Fanwood Larder is Open on Martine Avenue

After A&P closed in 2015, the borough of Fanwood was without a grocery store for years, forcing locals to schlep to other area towns for even the most basic items. That’s impart why many are celebrating the recent opening of grocer Fanwood Larder at 44 South Martine Avenue in Downtown.

The small shop specializes in organic meat and produce, and offers artisanal products and other convenience items like milk, bread, eggs, baby food and yogurt, condiments and all sorts of nutritious snacks. It has also partnered with a number of local businesses to offer customers a wide variety of unique goodies including Westfield’s Ahrres Coffee, the Healthy Hummus Broad, Feast Catering and John’s Meat Market of Scotch Plains.

The establishment is owned by Fanwood native Eva Pfaff, a labor of love years in the making.

The Larder occupies a portion of the space left vacant by the Bath Connection.

Photo courtesy Fanwood Larder.