Coming in Hot at Westfield’s Newest Retailer, Hand Picked Inc.

News flash…your kids (and/or your next door neighbor’s teenager) have already been here and bought a $45 vintage tee-shirt or a $75 collector’s baseball cap.

Hand Picked Inc. occupies the location formerly home to Mila at 107 Prospect Street.

Since announcing this Winter that they would be opening-up in town, Hand Picked has lit up social media and created a buzz amongst its younger clientele in the Area. The store brands itself as “in association” with the popular LMTD Supply outlet in New Brunswick. Both are popular for urban-wear and young adult consignment.

The new Downtown Westfield store, which carries brands like Supreme and Bape (again, ask your kid and/or your next door neighbor’s teenager), has taken a liking to the town’s signature “W” logo, displaying it prominently with its merchandise in its newsfeed.

The image above is courtesy @handpickedworldwide on Instagram.