Cranford Station House Opening is Quickly Approaching

All aboard!

The new Cranford Station House restaurant is nearly ready to open its doors on North Avenue East in the former home of the Downtown Family Restaurant {otherwise known as the Downtown Diner}.

The new restaurant has kept hungry fans informed with ongoing social media posts of the various stages of its extensive renovation and re-construction work, including a great peak inside their stylish new locale.

“So fresh and so clean!!!” crowed the Bertos Family, the restaurant’s owners in one recent post.

From refinished ceilings, to tilework, to floors and lighting fixtures, the new refurbished establishment has many area locals excited.

“Can’t wait!! Looks great,” commented Nikki F on Facebook.

“I love the new look so far,” added Betty D.

The Cranford Station House will feature a good ol’ breakfast and brunch menu including some fun midweek specials like “Extra Egg Mondays” and “What I Ate Wednesdays.”

Photo courtesy of Cranford Station House.