Cranford’s 100 Steps and A Toute Heure in New Hands

NEXT STEPS. Celebrated local owners Andrea and Jim Carbine have sold both 100 Steps Supper Club & Raw Bar and A Toute Heure (ATH) in Centennial Village to two seperate buyers. The Carbines opened ATH a decade ago to much critical praise. ATH was celebrated statewide and was an early adapter to the farm-to-table movement.

The Carbines opened 100 Step (just down the street, or about its namesake, 100 steps away) in 2014. The Carbines added that both the new owners want “continue what we built.”

The Farm-to-table movement promotes serving local food at restaurants, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. Advocates and practitioners of the farm-to-table model frequently cite the scarcity of fresh, local ingredients, the disappearance of small family farms and other reasons for adopting a more locavore approach to the food system.

Photo courtesy the Carbines.