Cranford’s Home Power Yoga Has a 40-Day Challenge for You

Thinking about giving yoga a try? Well, the New Year is a perfect time to dive into something new. And as Westfield Area’s Mad Skills found, there is a life changing challenge awaiting you at one yoga studio in Cranford.

It’s called “40 Days to a Personal Revolution” and it’s based on the belief that it takes no less than 40 days to create a habit.

“It’s actually a program that’s run around the globe,” explained Liz Snyder, the co-owner {with her sister} of Home Power Yoga, “It’s 40 days of yoga, meditation and journaling, meaning asking yourself some hard questions, we call them excavation questions… so that at the end of the 40 days you have this new way of being, this new way of living.”

Snyder says she and her sister, Michelle Bass, draw inspiration from a form of yoga known as Baptiste Yoga, and its founder Walt Baptiste created the 40-Day Challenge to kick-start one’s path to increased vitality. Snyder notes that while it’s not intended to be driven just by New Year’s resolutions, it does work as one.

“It’s starting 2019 in a really healthful, mindful way.” Snyder said, “It’s really a program that I’ve seen change lives, including my own.”

Since opening earlier this year in Downtown Cranford, the life-long locals say they welcome all, from beginners to seasoned yogis. And they say Cranford, in particular, is primed for mindful living.

“We love, absolutely love Cranford and we wanted to bring this style of yoga home,” commented Snyder, “The people are just so great, there just seems to be an emphasis on community building. It’s just unlike any other place.”

Photos courtesy Home Power Yoga.