Date Night Dines: Loving Ramen Dishes at Inspiration Roll in DT Westfield

“What inspires you?” is the question that presents itself when you approach the front counter to order your food at Inspiration Roll on Central Avenue in Downtown Westfield.

Known for their burrito roll sushi, poke bowls and delicious ramen you will automatically be inspired to indulge.

Date Night Dine’s choice for a casual night out here… go straight for the ramen!

Jokes on you college, I actually like ramen!

Ramen is perfect for the winter season and the restaurant has seven different choices. Our favorites are the Miso Ramen and the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen.

After ordering, sit down at the bar seats and enjoy the view of the historic Rialto Theater or grab a cozy table. Either way, get ready for a work of art to be served quickly.

The huge bowls of ramen include different toppings and spices (always including a soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallions and more).

We think the ramen is the same top-notch quality that you can find at choice spots in New York City… and only $12 a bowl here in Westfield!

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Columnists Lindsay Perrotti and Dan Rodriguez are the foodie couple behind the account @DateNightDines, they have dished here since Valentine’s Day 2018.

Photo courtesy Date Night Dines