Don’t Forget YOU This Holiday Shopping Season


Clinical research has shown that many people pack on extra pounds during the holiday season. Worse, many don’t shed the weight they put on. The problem: Jersey winters often keep us indoors and seasonal errands keep us busy. The owner of

Westfield-based Studio Fit, Adam Pantastico offers advice:

Move more

Fitting in another day at the gym or adding an extra class is always a great way to burn off added holiday calories. However, that’s not always possible with our busy schedules, so it’s a great idea to add extra steps whenever possible. Take the stairs, park your car away from the mall doors, walk the dog a bit further, stroll rather than drive as much as possible. Ditch the scale! I highly recommend a step tracker to manage your daily movement and consistency.

Find a partner

It’s proven that aerobic work is more likely to happen with a partner; what’s more: it promotes greater effort. I recommend finding a buddy or a personal trainer and then plotting a goal you both can both commit to. Plan a play date for yourself!!

Bring it

Eat before arriving at any gatherings, at the very least avoid going hungry. If a prior meal or snack is not an option bring a healthy dish. Once there, load up with fresh vegetables and the healthiest protein choice with a bottle of water. If you find yourself in front of the desert table it’s best to choose fresh fruit and a handful of nuts. If you do all of this you deserve a glass of wine or a taste of what you want.

Chill and chew

By slowing down and chewing more, we can help with digestion and ultimately, allow for better food absorption. In addition, this gives your brain time to communicate with your stomach that it’s full, which can help you to avoid over-eating. After dinner, if you’re surrounded by temptations, try chewing gum to keep your chops busy and your palette clean to avoid unnecessary calories.

Drink more!

Drink more WATER, that is! If you’re hydrated, you’re more likely not to over-eat because thirst can lead to rash eating choices. Additionally, if your body is hydrated, you might increase your ability to burn more calories because you’re functioning more effectively

Less sugar

Let’s face it, during the holidays, treats are everywhere. Learn to say “no, thank you” (out loud or to yourself). These sugary treats are empty calories and really add up. Save your treat for a special occasion, like after a solid week of activity, or a personal best at the gym. In other words, earn it, just don’t overdo it!

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