Embellish Your Creative Side in Cranford

You might recognize Donna Del Guercio from her “Belladonna’s Yarn Room and Interiors” shop, which is located in downtown Cranford at 106 North Union Avenue. This September, she opened Embellish Workshop, a destination where customers can craft, make decorations, create favor boxes, sew and more. Del Guercio was going to open this store with her younger sister, Nicole Del Guercio, but Nicole passed away last year. Del Guercio decided to forge ahead with the business and is donating 10 percent of each sale to the Pixeimagic Foundation, which will give the money to a local charity of Del Guercio’s choosing each month. “[This business] is a combination of things she liked to do and what I like to do. I’m a big knitter and crocheter. My sister had a design background. We’re creating fun projects people can do in our workshop or at home and give as gifts,” said Del Guercio. Or, if you have something in mind you’d like to have Del Guercio make for you – perhaps something you saw on Pinterest, in a magazine or on a design sign – you can bring it in to have Del Guercio make it for you.

While doing arts and crafts in a community setting isn’t a new trend, Del Guercio’s business features a state-of-the art paper-cutting machine called “Accu Cut” which makes designs for custom cards, decorations, wall hangings, garland, ornaments and any paper design imaginable. Customers can bring in their own beverages and food and have a social outing with friends. A beginner might want to sign up for a three-hour ornament making class for $20. In this class, you’ll assemble a pre-cut design, embellish it and take home a completed project. Students must be ages 12 and up.

“People can still come to me with knitting or crocheting projects. I’ll eventually have beginner classes for those and I’ll be making kits that customers can buy and start a project at home on their own time if they’d like,” Del Guercio said. She’s selling yarn kits that range in price from $35 to $100 depending on the type of project and whether it’s made with high quality yarn. There will also be other kits for sale during the holidays with which you could make your own decorations, tote bags or favor boxes. . You can pick them up and make them at home or work on your project at the shop.

The best place for customers to get a sense of what classes are available is on Embellish Workshop’s Facebook page or by visiting the store for the latest calendar. For the holidays, Embellish Workshop will offer classes on how to make wreaths, paper garlands and paper favor boxes. “Next year, I’ll have jewelry making classes and I want to bring in other instructors who have different expertise than I do. That could be painting on furniture and journal making classes,” said Del Guercio. On Saturdays, customers can book the space to host parties and events while making a craft. The workshop can fit 15-20 people. “It’s all about setting up a stimulating environment where someone’s imagination can flow freely.”