Fanwood is a Perfect Place to Celebrate National Pizza Day

The upside down Sicilian slice is a favorite of the NJ Pizza King, Scot Simpson, a Westfield Area Insta-foodie with a penchant for pizza pies.

“It’s definitely a must-try slice in the area,” noted Simpson. “It’s a twist on a classic.”

Fabio’s Bistro opened in 2011, with new management coming on board in 2017.

Beyond Fabio’s, Fanwood does have even more pizza game. Nick’s Pizza & Deli delivers great customer service and creative eats (they once made a lollipop pie). High School kids alone keep this South Martine Avenue pizzeria busy.

Courtesy Nick’s Pizza & Deli.

Meanwhile, at Houdini Pizza Laboratory, cooked to perfection, artisanal Pizzas and hip digs draw crowds most nights, especially Fridays and Saturdays.

Courtesy HPL.

National Pizza Day is celebrated annually on February 9.

Photo courtesy NJ Pizza King