Frank’s Auto Body is Expanding in Downtown Fanwood and on Social Media

Since 1974, Frank’s Auto Body has been providing exceptional service to the local community. And in 2019, they are not only expanding their facility and investing more into their Downtown Fanwood location, they are also continuing their outreach on social media.

Frank’s enjoys a large following, in part, because they often share tips on how to safely maintain and operate vehicles throughout every season.

“Tire rotation helps ensure the safety of your vehicle,” informs a recent post. “Our technicians can inspect your tires, as well as complete your tire rotation for you. Regular tire rotation helps to ensure each tire has an even amount of wear and can prevent unwanted blowouts.”

“Have you seen frost on your car yet this season?” asked another post. “Remember to allow yourself enough time to heat up your car before hitting the road.”

The team over at Frank’s says it’s all about providing exceptional customer service.

“Frank’s Auto Repair and Auto Body is here to help with every step of your vehicle repair.”

Frank’s is an independent business located at 56 Martine Avenue at the corner of La Grande.

Photo courtesy Frank’s Auto Body.