Garwood’s Got a Stellar Food Truck

ORDER UP. Daisy’s Taste of Cuba brings island dining to a whole new level. They serve classics like Croquetas de Jamon and Papa Rellenas, alongside experimental offerings like Ropa Vieja Empanadas…and they are all Westfield bound!

“Best steak sandwich I’ve had in years! Those Empanadas were huge, well made and delicious. I am so hooked on their food. The homemade flavor and freshness is incredible. They are also very nice people, very friendly and gracious. Can’t wait to go back,” posted Carolyn on Facebook.

When you follow @daisystasteofcuba, they also keep you up to date on their location (nearly always at 2 North Avenue in Garwood). They often post a heads-up about their supply of empanadas, with a warning that once they sell out, das it.

Photo courtesy @daisystasteofcuba on Facebook.