The Grandstand in Cranford Does Dogs AND, Wait for it, Organic Salads

Gourmet hot dogs and all the fixings you could imagine? Check. Organic field greens with fresh fruit and homemade vinaigrette? Check.

That’s right! Beyond The Grandstand’s classic, hot diggity dog appeal, it dishes up some mean salads too. A feat not many Jersey fast food joints can brag about.

“YES, modern grandstand fare can be delicious AND healthy TOO!!!!!” barked the owners (and lifelong Cranford residents) Frank and Sara-Britt Williams on the shop’s website.

The duo has made an impression on locals who love them and their neighborhood establishment.

“The owners are so nice and the food and choices are amazing!! Everything is fresh and made to order,” commented Erica B on Facebook. “This place is for everyone!”

“The 15 year search is over,” exclaimed Dave C in his Facebook review. “I’ve finally found a legit, delicious chicken cheesesteak at The Grandstand. Perfectly chopped chicken blended with asiago, peppers and onions, topped with cheddar. It was excellent. A side of fresh cut disco fries which scream “made from scratch” to top it off were fantastic.”

Located in Downtown Cranford at 101 North Avenue (not far from the movie theater) The Grandstand pays homage to ‘Merica, Baseball and Cranford. It opened in 2016.

Photo courtesy @downtowncranford on Instagram.