Happy, Healthy and Local

A Visit to a Cranford Original

Happily, healthily and locally – that’s how Fresh Press Juice Co. in Cranford operates. The cozy, brightly colored downtown storefront right beside the train station on South Avenue opened its doors in 2014, when two Jersey sisters, Deven and Lauren, turned their passion for healthy living into a family business. Now, cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, salads, soups and a whole line of housemade snacks are just the tip of the Fresh Press Co. iceberg.

As I strolled in, the natural light filling their shop set the perfect tone. The staff, just as enthusiastic as their founders, asked what I’d like. “Whatever you’re pressin’!” I laughed.

Out came a creamy banana whip topped with incredibly bright strawberries, deep blueberries and coconut shavings, followed by The Emerald, a delicious mix of apple, kale and cucumber, a very welcome alternative to an afternoon coffee.

The space is warm, the team happy to be there and their product is held to a refreshingly high standard of quality.

So, whether you need to crank out a few dozen emails and want to do so over a Hangover Helper (yes, that’s a juice!!) or hop in and out with a cold-pressed cup of coffee, Fresh Press has your back.

And, since they just announced their second location in Bernardsville, you way even stumble upon them out west!

About the Contributor

Christian Zeron grew up in Westfield and is the Founder of vintage watch seller Theo and Harris. theoandharris.com @theoandharris