Jersey’s Two Dopes Visit Kenilworth’s Boulevard Five 72

The Garden State’s lovable foodie duo, Two Dopes From Jersey, dined recently at Boulevard Five 72 in Kenilworth. The Insta-famous pair gushed over the restaurant’s wine list and their steak dinner.

They posted, “The Certified Angus Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Crust from Boulevard Five 72 is sooo delicious!”

The Dopes, who currently boast 18K followers on Instagram, are considered to be quite influential and known to boost business after sharing their experiences on social media.

The two referred to Boulevard Five 72 as a “little gem in Kenilworth.”

You may recall that a photo taken by Two Dopes From Jersey graced the first issue of Westfield Area in 2017.

Photo courtesy Two Dopes From Jersey.