Just a Friendly Reminder: Loaded in Garwood Has Delicious Burgers

With another National Burger Day in the books (either May 28th or August 27th depending on who you ask) the folks at nj.com decided to republish their popular 2016 list highlighting the best burgers in each county in the state. And, in Union County, Loaded Burgers-N-BBQ got to take another victory lap.

“HAPPY NATIONAL BURGER DAY!!! We made it as the best burger in the county again! So we thank you all for making it happen,” posted Loaded on Facebook with a link to the article.

In particular, the Muenster cheeseburger was singled-out for its simple, classic (and delicious) presentation.

Since opening, the Center Street burger and barbecue joint has become a staple for area residents and beyond.

“Not long ago, Loaded in Garwood was one of those closely-guarded local secrets. Sorry, word’s out,” pointed out the article’s author, Jersey’s consummate foodie Peter Genovese.

Photo courtesy Loaded on Facebook.