Just Imagine if Westfield’s Device Shop Offered Drone Ambulance Service

Freaking out that his new iPhone had just shattered before his eyes, and now lay on the floor seemingly clinging to life, the unnamed man in the photo above knew what he had to do. Call for help. Now.

“My poor baby was just laying their motionless and silent,” said freak-out guy. “I called the Device Shop.”

In seconds, the Device Shop dispatched its new high-tech drone ambulance, complete with all the advanced lifesaving tools needed to ensure smart phones can be brought back to life.

The drone safely arrived and transported the iPhone to their storefront in Downtown Westfield.

Freak out guy has his phone back, and now utilizes a new stronger case (also bought at the Device Shop) to avoid future freak outs.

“These guys are lifesavers,” stressed that guy.

While the Device Shop doesn’t actually have a drone ambulance (not yet, that is), it does offer fast same-day repairs, convenient appointments and mail-in options. The Shop specializes in fixing all sorts of tech goodies.

“We fix iPhones, iPads, Macs, Samsungs, Blackberrys, LG and much more,” boasts their website.

The Device Shop chose to open its first New Jersey location in 2016 in Downtown Westfield. It has six locations in Manhattan and one other in New Jersey in Upper Montclair.