KouKou Coffee Closes in Clark

The owners of KouKou Coffee in Clark have decided to shutter their Clarkton location, taking to Facebook to make the sad announcement.

“Unfortunately the location was not working for us. We tried our best and Angelo and I want to thank our repeated loyal customers. Without you we would not have made it this far!”

Regular customers were quick to comment on their FB post.

Praying that you find the perfect location so your talents will shine!! God Bless you are sorely missed there was no other coffee like yours!!,” posted Nancy Lee Mendez.

Oh no I’m so sorry to hear this! Stopping every morning to get my coffee and goodie always made my drive to work tolerable ! Please keep me posted when you open up at your next location , cuz you guys will be back!! Clark just lost a shop that actually served coffee!!, added Cathy Kristof Basile.

The KouKou Coffee duo did not rule out making appearances at events or street fairs.

Photo courtesy KouKou Coffee.