Meet Our Newest Columnists this Valentine’s Day for Date Night Dines!

They’re young, in-love… and hungry!

Westfield Area’s newest columnists Lindsay Perrotti and Dan Rodriguez, the foodie couple behind the account @DateNightDines, are set to launch their regular feature this Valentine’s Day.

The two say they are eager to share what they love at local eateries, as the rest of us tag along as a third wheel on their date nights.

At a recent date night, the two posted “We love Akai Lounge in Westfield, such good cocktails and their special rolls!”

While their Westfield Area feature will focus on our area’s eight hometowns, you can follow their delicious Instagram account as they dine out in the City, Hoboken and beyond (Lake Como, Italy too!).

Photo at Akai Lounge Courtesy Date Night Dines