Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices Hopes to Create Public Mural at its New Westfield Location

When Ralph’s Famous Italian ices, the iconic Staten Island establishment known for its stellar Italian ice flavors, opens its new location on Central Avenue in Westfield it hopes to include an outdoor mural for all to enjoy.

“It couldn’t be a better time to put this mural up,” explained Catherine Jensen, the President of Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices and Ice Cream of Westfield in an interview with¬†The Westfield Leader. “Being that we are hoping to come out of this darkness that we’ve all been pushed in, we are looking to better mites, happier times and a stronger country.”

If approved by the Town, the mural will have a 1950s nostalgic theme and be a tribute to old Westfield and all students, especially those graduating in 2020, according to Jensen.

Photo courtesy Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices