#RhodaKnows How to Find More Ways to #LoveWhereYouLive

Our newest Columnist is boning-up on material for the upcoming Winter issue of Westfield Area magazine which will feature all sorts of Mad Skills. The column, #RhodaKnows, will debut in the popular Intel section.

Rhoda, our Publisher Frank D. Isoldi’s pooch, loves to stroll Downtown and is well known to many on the streets of Westfield (even more folks love her on social media). Who better to take the reigns of her own segment?

“She is ready for the spotlight!” said Frank. “We’ve been grooming her for this position.”

Rhoda is a pampered Jack Russell Terrier and proud Westfield native. She loves local and despises Raccoons.

#RhodaKnows will appear regularly throughout 2018.

Photo courtesy Frank D. Isoldi on Instagram.