Shopping for a Pet Owner


The holidays are a purrfect (couldn’t resist) time of the year to shop local and enjoy family traditions. And while Poinsettias, holly berries, pinecones and mistletoe are iconic, they do pose a danger to pets and can cause problems ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to severe intestinal conditions. So, as a general rule, avoid purchasing them for folks who have furbabies and be sure they are out of reach if animals come to visit your home.

Also, be aware of glittery tinsel, ribbons and bows. Cats love to chew and play with them! If these items are ingested they can become entangled in their intestinal tract. Often, surgery is required to remove these stringy foreign bodies from your pets.

While you’re at it, pet-proof your Christmas tree too, by placing breakable ornaments up high and making sure your tree is secure. Anchor the top of the tree to the wall with a strong rope or twine and keep your pets out of the water in the tree stand. This water can be toxic to your pets.

When shopping for pet treats, shop at merchants who stock high quality, healthy items and always check ingredients and freshness. Opt for pet toys that are made from safe materials and can’t pose a hazard to your pet if swallowed by accident.

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