The Oils Room in Westfield Brings Expertise on Handling Dizzying Health Trend

Essential oils often promise help, but, they do come with risks if not used properly, or for the right reasons.

“Essential oils are everywhere these days, but with so much conflicting information out there, it can become overwhelming with questions like: where do I start?” posted Christa Teevan, the Founder of The Oils Room in Downtown Westfield.

The shop, co-located with Via Nutrition on Elmer Street, promises a straight forward approach to educating shoppers about essential oils.

“These simple, safe, effective solutions are revolutionizing how families manage their health and wellness,” added Teevan. “Pop in to learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils and check out our selection of containers, spray bottles, labels, diffusers and more.”

The Oils Room, which carries a full line of doTERRA brand products, opened in November of 2018.

Photo courtesy The Oils Room.