Three Ways to Dine Out Westfield

Fire up those tastebuds!

Dine Out Westfield has returned, officially kicking off on Sunday. Organized by the Downtown Westfield Corporation (DWC), the annual culinary event offers local foodies great deals on prix fixe lunch and dinner menus.

Prices, number of courses and days of participation vary by restaurant.

Here are three ways you can get forking…

Go Deliciously Frugal


Everyone loves to dine out at Xocolatz, the cozy, newly-renovated New American, but a $15 tab for a 3-course meal! That’s something to celebrate

Xocolatz Restaurant & Grill
235 Elmer Street
Call: 908.232.3962
3-course Lunch $15 (Mon-Fri)

Moderate Your Approach


Ferraro’s, the Italian Stallion of town, is not only a consistently awesome option, it has got a gluten free menu that totally rocks!

Ferraro’s Restaurant
8 Elm Street
Call: 908.232.1105
2-course Lunch $15, 3-course Dinner $35



You know what they say: go big, or go home! Chez Catherine, one of the state’s grandest and most celebrated, is offering great deals on meals that otherwise may put a ding in your wallet (albeit well worth it).

Chez Catherine
431 North Avenue West
Call: 908.654.4015
2-course Lunch $28, 3-course Dinner $70, 4-course Dinner $85

For more information on Dine Out Westfield check out the DWC website.

Photo courtesy Ferraro’s Restaurant.