Peak Inside the Newly Re-Re-Renovated Addams Tavern in Westfield

Addams Tavern in Downtown Westfield is inching closer and closer to its grand re-opening. And as Westfield Area’s Local Dish learned during an exclusive tour of its court-ordered renovation, the whole nightmarish ordeal is finally coming to end.

Construction crews continue to work day and night to get Addams Tavern on Elm Street back in business as quickly as possible.

“We are 95% there, and pending inspections and things out of our control, we hope to be open within two weeks,” said Grant Halliday, Director of Operations for Harvest Restaurant Group.

The restaurant was ordered closed on December 13, 2017, to make substantial structural changes to what was its newly renovated space. Fast forward, just shy of a year, and the interior now includes new black steel support beams and trusses {exposed steel that brings a cool industrial-chic/Pulaski Skyway feel to the place}.

“It goes from the vaulted ceiling down the common wall between the two buildings and then on the other side in the front half of the restaurant to balance it all out,” Halliday explained. “Once we found out what the construction requirements were, we had to virtually empty the restaurant and, it was almost like building a restaurant within a restaurant. No we are putting Humpty back together again.”

Despite the hardship, Halliday said that he and the team at Addams Tavern were determined to return to Downtown Westfield’s restaurant scene.

“We think we are going to come back and rock it here in Westfield.” -Grant Halliday

“We love the community. The town has been very supportive. We knew we needed to get back here and continue on our path to service one of the greatest towns in New Jersey.” Halliday added, “We think we are going to come back and rock it here in Westfield.”