Finding New Ways to Safely Do Business During COVID-19 Emergency

These are certainly unique times we are living through! And while the news has been absolutely heart-wrenching from friends and colleagues around the world, our community’s response to the crisis has been nothing short of heart-warming. We are staying home. We are supporting one another.

As a lifelong resident of Westfield, I haven’t seen so many neighbors out for walks, for bike rides, for jogs. I’ve never turned up any block to find entire families holding hands and enjoying the outdoors. Dads and Moms who would typically work long hours are pushing strollers on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

So, now the hard part. How do we continue to do business? For a social guy like myself, social distancing has a negative connotation. Of course though, I know it’s absolutely the right thing to do. Which is why I have partnered with Waze (download the app) to conduct all of my walk throughs virtually. Give it a try. If you are out and about and have Waze open, all of the listings under The Isoldi Collection will pop up.

I hope this helps people safely search for a new home in our community.

To my fellow residents who have suddenly found the time to explore their neighborhood on foot and to future ones who will find comfort in Westfield and our surrounding hometowns, welcome home, now and forever.

See you out and about, I will do my very best to remain six feet away from you!