“Well-Placed” Blue Mercury Reels ’em into Downtown Westfield

The old adage location, location, location, seems to have become more of a mission statement for the popular beauty chain Blue Mercury.

It’s founders emphasize that a local neighborhood shopping experience helps drive their growth, especially in premier districts like Downtown Westfield.

“The smart retailers will realize that there is actually a need for more well-placed stores, not less,” said Barry Beck (who co-founded Bluemercury with his wife, CEO Marla Malcolm) according to the New York Post.

Locals say the staff at the Westfield location is knowledgeable, professional and great at what they do.

“When putting makeup on me, they bring out my natural beauty instead of changing how I look,” yelped Ashley G.

“I have been going here for years to get a facial done. It is the most relaxing experience, I now have high standards for facials,” commented Stef Kuhn on Google.

Blue Mercury is located at 82 Elm Street between Alex and Ani and Randall’s Shoes in the heart of town, helping to generate ever-important foot traffic.

Blue Mercury has one other Union County location up in Downtown Summit.