Westfield’s Farmhouse Store Owners Try and See Past Current COVID-19 Emergency in a Comfy Chair, Of Course!

Beneath a warmly-lit photo of an overstuffed, comfy living room chair, the owners of The Farmhouse Store on East Broad Street in Westfield and The Farmhouse Store Outlet in Garwood, strike a somber tone in a recent Instagram post on the current COVID-19 pandemic and the terrible toll it’s taking on the area’s business community.

“This is the space I’m spending a lot of time these days. An overstuffed leather chair and a faux fur blanket. It’s where I read the news each morning, panic, nap, read cookbooks, watch my husband keep busy, and try and imagine what The Farmhouse Store will look like at the end of all this,” explained The Farmhouse Store owner. “This corner has become a sort of cocoon. Tina turner watching down from the wall. A survivor.”

The Farmhouse Store closed up shop on March 14 after reports first surfaced of COVID-19 cases in Westfield and Garwood. At the time, the State had yet to take the unprecedented step of forcing “non-essential” retail establishments to close.

Photo courtesy The Farmhouse Store.