You’ll Never Guess What’s On Tap at Garwood’s New Love Valentine Boutique

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, a new boutique in Garwood is offering a slew of unique products and services. In fact, as Westfield Area’s Near Buy found out, you’d be hard-pressed to find one particular offering.

If you’re looking to take part in an innovative candle recycle program, look no farther than Garwood, where the newly opened Love Valentine {pronounced Valen-TEEN} Boutique has launched this hard to find service.

“No one is doing it and people love the idea,” explained Joeanne Valentine, the boutique’s owner. “It’s new to the market.”

Valentine, a self-proclaimed candle lover, says the idea is simple. People can enjoy their candles and bring their used vessels to her and she will create a brand new candle using high-quality soy-coconut wax, natural products and toxin-free scents. She says it’s a popular process that she’s perfected over the years at pop-up markets throughout the State.

“Now that I have a physical brick and mortar, a physical location here in Garwood, I thought it was great to start this program up. Bring your vessels from home, whatever you have, I can then check if it can be used to re-pour a candle. Best part, you get to consistently recycle that vessel and re-use it,’’ commented Valentine.

Besides the candle recycle program, the boutique will also feature a revolving cadre of artisans and designers from across the region who specialize in a wide array of disciplines including natural beauty products, scrubs and hand-crafted jewelry. She says the name of the game in retail nowadays is differentiation and customer service.

“I look at carrying different lines that other stores don’t,” she added.

“I look at carrying different lines that other stores don’t.” -Joeanne Valentine

Valentine, a resident of Garwood for 5 and half years, says she couldn’t have found a more perfect location than the one she selected on North Avenue.

“I love Garwood. I think Garwood has some much more potential and room to grow.”