Cranford’s Vinette Rose Offers “Investment” Advice Shopaholics Will Love

Looking for a way to rationalize a recent Cranford shopping spree to a spouse? Vinette Rose has an ingenious approach when it comes to one of their signature offerings.

“Handbags are a wise investment if you are going to spend money on your wardrobe,” explained owners Francesca Merendino and Melinda Ciattarelli on Facebook. “They’re less trendy than clothes and shoes, and you can pass them on too if you take proper care to retain their value.”

Since opening last Spring in Downtown Cranford, the boutique has offered a wide array of fashionable goodies form Italy including purses, wallets and jewelry.

The shop is co-located with Ciao Amici in its newly rebranded Discover Italy storefront on North Avenue.

Photo courtesy Vinette Rose.