Westfield’s Williams Nursery Returns with New Arrivals for Early Spring

The beloved Williams Nursery on Springfield Avenue is celebrating its annual Spring awakening {sounds grander than re-opening} with a stunning Facebook showcase of flowers they say will kick-start any local garden.

According to Williams Nursery here are seven early Spring picks:

  1. Anemone are short lived but can tolerate 26f and the flowers are show stoppers.
  2. Pansies can be planted right now and we have tons of different varieties.
  3. Ranunculus can take cold nights. Their large flowers remind me of the ones my grandmother made out of tissue paper.
  4. Erysimum commonly known as wall flowers bloom for a long time and take the cool temps of early Spring.
  5. The dark blotch of the pansy has been called a face. Can you see how it’s smiling?
  6. Sunscape daisies can take down to 29f. They bloom for a very long time.
  7. Nemesis blood orange loves the cool weather. A great plant to put in early containers.

Opened in 1920, Williams Nursery has more than 20,000 followers on Facebook.

Photo courtesy Williams Nursery and feralflower.com