Why Doesn’t Shovlin Mattress in Fanwood do Presidents Day Deals?

In many ways Presidents Day has become synonymous with sales, in particular big ticket items like mattresses {sooooo many commericals and popup ads!}. But, another February is in the books and Fanwood’s Shovlin Mattress factory had none of it.

“We’ve actually never had a sale because we are factory direct and don’t mark up like traditional retail,” explained owner Ron Shovlin.

Consistent pricing also takes the stress out of having to shop at a specific time.

Shovlin is a local manufacturer that enjoys stellar reviews on seemingly every platform including Google, where it has a near-perfect rating with major props for its customer service.

And like some of its savvy competitors {like Casper} the company produces high quality content for its blog that focuses on sleeping and wellness.

Photo courtesy Ron Shovlin… check out those socks!