The Psychic Boutique is Open on East Broad Street in Downtown Westfield

New age retail has experienced a boom of late as more people turn to its spiritual practices and beliefs. In Westfield, The Psychic Boutique offers a full array of items for those who want to partake, including crystals, candles, incense and other objects to aid a customer’s mind and body.

“I will help you to achieve and obtain your true destiny and unlock your life’s full potential,” explains Sara, the shop’s owner and 3rd generation Psychic Spiritualist & Healer. “My life’s mission and purpose is to help and heal people.

The establishment also offers palm readings, tarot card readings and crystal ball readings.

“I will help you to overcome life’s most complex problems,” Sara added.

Services can also be extended to groups, parties and events.

The Psychic Boutique takes the place of the highend 27 Menina.

Photo courtesy The Psychic Boutique.