Fanwood’s Larder Grocery Store is So Close to Opening

There hasn’t been a place to buy groceries in Fanwood since A&P on South Avenue closed in 2015, but, that will all change soon thanks to the arrival of small-scale grocer, Fanwood Larder this November.

“Got a piece of mail addressed ‘larderer-in-chief’ today (swoon), just after passing all my building inspections!” posted an excited Eva Pfaff, the store’s owner on Facebook. “Won’t be long now, Fanwood Larder should open between 11/10-15.”

Pfaff, a Fanwood native, has been working on the project for the past two years, according to Borough economic development officials. The Larder will occupy some of the space left vacant by the Bath Connection on South Martine Ave in the heart of downtown.

Eager shoppers of “The Closer Grocer” can sign-up for the Larder newsletter on their website.

Photo courtesy Fanwood Larder.